Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ok, It's Winter - So What! It's The Swift.

The snow on the ground is gone. More will come. Yes, it was COLD (24 degrees) at the start BUT it made it's way into the lower 40's by noon which made my layers seem like overkill by 11 am. Two good rainbows down by the PIPE came to the net and another bow and a 17 inch brookie did the same above RT 9. I fished for just less than 3 hours covering very selective trout in skinny water which is what I like to do on the Swift. The first two came to a Swift River Serendipity, the third came to a size 20 pinhead and the next (the brookie) fell to a hot pink SJ Worm (ok sorry about that). I would of stayed longer but I had stuff to do ( I hate stuff to do).

Early December and the fly fishing just doesn't stop. The Swift CONTINUES to produce for those that know how to present a fly to these fish on this river. It may seem difficult but if you know the technique and the patterns you will be successful.

The Swift Serendipity works well in fast water especially during the cold months. Pinheads get it done around mid day on those 40-50 degree days. SJW's - Hmm...a good cold weather fly.

Winter is a good time to learn the Swift. The crowds are smaller, the trout are there and you can work productive water by yourself. If you need some guidance let me know.



Jo Tango said...

just learning the Swift and find it mystifying, frustrating, humbling...and rewarding. am very much a rookie on this river.

have learned that there's a big difference to the trout between 6x and 7x. dare i try 8x or 9x--your thoughts, Ken?

have learned to loosen the drag big time before starting to cast (yes, the proverbial one that got away).

at long last, on the last outing, landed some 17"+ fish, incl. a 20" and very chunky bruiser.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Tippet diameter is more critical with surface presentations and less critical with subsurface presentations. Use what you're comfortable with.


Bob O said...

I use 6x fluoro as a rule for subsurface for sizes 14 down to 20, resorting to 7x when midge nymphing. Keep at it, you'll find success. The sunny 32F days with still air can be quite warm, even if there is snow cover. And you'll find the fish cooperative..

Jo Tango said...

Ken and Bob O., thank you for the advice. Dared to venture the Swift again and had good luck sight-nymphing. Will tie up some dries and try the Y Pool soon.

Ken, wanted to let you know that I've sent you a gift certificate. Look for an email from, an affordable fly-fishing shop online with amazing customer service.

Have sent this to thank you for your blogging, from which I've learned a great deal.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!