Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, April 3, 2015

To The DFW - What's Up With The Swift?????

Hmm... I don't get it. I can see where some of those kettle ponds on the Cape will get some early stockings. They are either ice free or close to it by now but why is the DFW stocking Berkshire area ponds but not the ice free, very fishable Swift River??? Just this past Sunday I saw ice fishermen on a number of ponds out Berkshire way. Not catering to the Spring fishing season are you. And why are you stocking the tranquil(Ha) Deerfield, roller costing along at 1000cfs to 3000cfs on a daily basis, but not the Swift at a steady 200cfs??


This River got national exposure a year ago in a national magazine but why does Otis Lake gets trout first????? I guess you don't want to PROMOTE Massachusetts fly fishing? I thought that you would jump at the chance to promote a gem like the Swift. A New York fly fisher that I know was dismayed at the condition of the Swift this past week!!

STOCK THIS RIVER!! You can do it. The hatchery is right next door. You have hundreds (actually more) of license holding fly fishers who are chomping at the bit to fish this wonderful resource. GET IT DONE!!!!!



Falsecast said...

Ken - I share your frustration. I have no idea the rationale of how they stock the Swift. Remember last year they only did the Y pool for a few weeks, the one place that doesn't need it.

I went to the Quinnepoxet, one my favorite spring streams. It's in awesome condition to receive fish, plus the trails are still snow covered and there was nobody there. This river requires fish spread out because it gets killed right after stocking. Would have been a perfect chance to fill it. All the ponds around Boston are still iced in. What I am afraid is going to happen is that they'll wait long enough, they'll dump em all in at once and the slaughter will begin.

We are getting close to Hendrickson time!

Tincup said...

You would think the state would get a boost in license sales once we could fish waters. I get mine right before my first outing. When to florida for warmth and rehab, shocked to get back and not see the swift stocked. Very disapointed also. Back to tying flys i guess. WHEN WILL MASS WILDLIFE WAKE UP.

Josh said...

I was stunned when I heard they stocked the deerfield tuesday & wednesday and not the swift. Thanks for voicing what everyones thinking

millerbrown said...

The may 8th Brown trout stocking date is firm. It is a tu event and always happens come he'll or high water. The commenter is from Tu so he is in the know and contrary opinions are from the misinformed.

Hibernation said...

That is odd. You would think the swift - given decent temps and great water quality - would be the first and last placed "re-loaded" each year. Perhaps the theory is that it's catch and release for a good strip so there is "sactuary" and there are fish so "we" will worry about other waters. Hopefully it gets a dose soon.

Peter Vong said...

I completely agree with all of you guys. Mass dcr has really been off as if late. I have fished the swift and surrounding areas for the past 7 years and been approached once by law enforcement which goes to show the lack of understanding in the conservation of the area. I fish ct and ri's small but great wood river and I feel that massachusetts fisheries management is not up to par. How do we as fly fishermen and stake holders force our public representitives to improve our natural resources? For starters lets push for more c&r fisheries for one, maybe then we wont have to wait around for stocking trucks every year! The swift can support a wild population, we saw that this past fall with the big brookies and holder over rainbows and browns. Lets mill this over and see if we can motivate lawmakers to change these practices. Im the guy in the red jeep cherokee, hit me up on the river if you see me around.... discourse is the first step! -pete

Bob O said...

I think each district has its own stocking master schedule. The Rowe, Charlemont portions of the Deerfield are in the western sector which also reported some ponds getting trout. Nothing was reported for the Ct Valley district, although on Thursday I heard from someone at the Swift that another Hampden county stream had received fish (no record of it in the Mass Trout Stocking Report.) Nor were there any Central waters listed (although I heard that South Pond received a truckload) Who knows? I think the FFO area of the Swift unfortunately is pretty impassable for a stocking truck until the snow and mud subside. However, down by the pipe, fish could easily be injected from the hatchery side. We're all Jonesin' to get out. In another three weeks, hopefully, everyone will be more content. GB

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

The Swift below RT 9 should of been stocked last week. No excuses. I saw tire tracks above the gate on the upper CR Friday, very faint and on dry ground. How much of a problem would it be to take the east side approach? How much destruction could it possibly cause?

Glad to see the response here!!


NH-trout-bum said...

I won't even try to pretend I'm in the know but last year on the 'open day of fishing' in June, I tried to introduce a cousin to fly fishing. He was very gung-ho. I suggested we fish the Swift (I live in Southern NH) because of the beautiful setting, the ease of wading for a first timer, and most of all the amount of trout we would AT LEAST see. The river made a liar out of me. We hardly SAW a fish! I kept apologizing to my cousin. In all the five years I've been fishing the Swift, I've NEVER seen so few fish and I've fished there in the winter. Talking to an old timer (70+ years old), he told me some younger, new guy in charge of deciding when and where to stock, decided to wait to stock after July 1st. All because he was pissed off at the 'cronies' as this old timer had put it. Pissed off at what, the old timer didn't specify and I just wanted to get back to fishing. Don't know the details, don't know if any of that is true, don't know if any of that even makes sense! Just telling ya what I heard.

Tom said...

Instead of starting the "rumor" mill why doesn't someone just call the district office and talk to the manager to find out what the plan is. Or better yet just go talk to them in person, the MassWildlife CT Valley District office is right there next to the Hatchery on the Swift.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


What rumor mill? The FACT is that the Swift had not been stocked. Two weeks ago a guy I know called the district office and was told "stocking" starts next week and he didn't say where. It wasn't the Swift. The DFW lists where they stock every Friday on their website at NOON and not before.


fischmeister57 said...

I was surprised to hear from Pete Vong that he has only been approached by law enforcement once on the Swift. I've been checked a few times at the Y, and the most recent time at the Pipe on Dec. 25 - right, Christmas Day (I have no life) by a nice warden with an Italian name. We had a pleasant chat.


Anonymous said...

They are stocking truckloads of trout in Martha's Vineyard and the lower about an absolute waste!! Nobody is fishing for trout in these locations, I really don't understand why they do it?

Josh said...


I called about the swift Friday just before noon, they are not stocking it until at least Monday.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Why, too far to travel?? There is no excuse for this garbage.


Josh said...


After hearing from DWF themselves that they were going to stock the swift Monday (4-13) I went up there around 6pm just to check it out. No truck tracks toward the Y pool and didn't see a single fish (same as it's been). Other fisherman also reported no fish below Rt.9 down to & past the pipe. Hopefully before the weekend.

I checked the EB on Saturday below knightville, it's basically rapids up there and will be a few more weeks before it slows up. I enjoy reading the blog & appreciate the updates.