Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Millers - My Next Favorite Spot _The Upper Trestle Pool

Asking beginners to comment about fly fishing or where to fly fish is like asking a 12 year old boy about women" My comment paraphrased from John Gierach

As I said in my Millers River Fly Fishing Guide the Upper Trestle Pool is MECCA for fly fishermen. I fished this pool for three straight seasons to the exclusion of almost all other places on this river. It has been that good. Now, did I exclude other sections? No, but when the flow was at 250cfs or below it was my place during that time the river flow behaved itself. During that time I had evening fishing that was as good as I could find anywhere. I'd start with a soft hackle while the sun was on the water then switch to a comaparadun (right size/color, hint size 14 in olive) and fish until I couldn't see a rise although soft hackles swung after hours did do well. (I was a working man with kids early on so after dark trips were at a premium). I would get there at 4:00 am in early July and find the pool alive with fish until 6:30 when it went dead for rising trout. It can be a trico dream if you hit it right, like 10:00 am in early August.

I've caught more trout on a dry here than any other section on this river.

Park are the railroad crossing at Wendell Depot and walk up the tracks (left) until you get to a trestle. Look upstream, cross the trestle and approach from the left side of the river. Order my FREE Guide to the Millers on this site if you need help.

Above the Upper Trestle are TWO GREAT pool/runs that nobody goes to. The path runs out before you see them. Fish them if the Upper Trestle is occupied (2 people are enough) They are great spots!!!

More interesting updates this weekend!



Anonymous said...

You are right about the trail fading away above that pool. I thought I could hike up to Orcutt from there. No way!


Josh S. said...

I'll always remember this as the first place I fell in and swamped my waders haha.

Good spot though, checked it out a few years back after reading the guide & I wasn't disappointed. A piece of advise for anyone new heading to check it out, you need to key in on the flow before you make the trip, at this spot in particular i've seen it extreme whitewater and dried up to a trickle. That obviously applies to any freeflowing river but IMO the millers in particular comes up quickly and really has alot of power compared to some others mentioned on this blog. Many times the millers may be unfishable whereas the westfield is perfect. Just throwing that out there to help guys out with this river.

Caught several trout and smallmouth here though, always worth it when I do make the trip. Thanks for highlighting it!

Bill/Tully said...

With the Millers still too high, I took your Tenkara teachings to an eastern Quabbin tributary today. Netted a few pretty brookies on Wulffs dries. Lots more water there to explore yet. Thanks for getting me more comfy on and in the water with both rod styles!

BobT said...

Hi Ken-
I have downloaded a streamflow app...ya technology but given my distance from good fishing I thought I would track some of my favorite spots. The Millers has two or three guages I am aware of in Winchendon, South Royalston and in Erving...which I really never paid attention and played it by ear. Even in mega flows, the fish line up on the banks of the Millers and you can catch fish but its not "fun" and possibly dangerous if you are not really paying attention. You mention the 250 flow here ..would I be looking at the Erving guage or SR to find a good correlation. I've noticed the Erving flow is 2X SR. Given my travel time, using technology or at least doing my homework is a must. What would be a decent fishable flow range in your opinion.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


You know what you're doing and a good student!!

You are so right!!!!!

Bob T,

The Erving gauge is everything for me. The Erving gauge represents the lower Millers which contains my favorite spots on this river. 250 is perfect, 400 is fishable in my opinion. REMEMBER - there will be a canoe race, I believe next weekend that will blow this river out to 1500cfs. After that.....