Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Season Of Light, Evening Trips, The Millers Guide And Another Stonefly

"Fish sense, applied in the field, is what the old Zen masters would call Enlightenment: simply the ability to see what's right in front of you without having to sift through a lot of thoughts and theories and, yes, expensive fishing tackle."John Gierach

The first day of Spring on MY calendar was this past Sunday when we moved the clocks ahead and officially survived the Winter. It was an easy Winter and we deserved it after the previous year. Now we can take a balmy Spring day and fish past sundown (6:57 pm today) to what the weather boys call Civil Twilight which is at 7:25 today. What is Civil Twilight? Think of it as having enough light to see a size 14 light cahill dry at 30 feet!!

My evening trips are always a way to explore new water, solve the mystery of old water, brush up on technique or start from scratch. Contact me and we will set it up!

THE MILLERS FLY FISHING GUIDE!! I've been supplying this 40 page Millers River Guide for over seven years. It's the best and most complete guide to this river and I've sent out well over a thousand copies but demand continues. Just email me and I'll send you a FREE download!!

I've got flymphs and stoneflies on the brain and there's no cure except to be in the midst of a full blown hendrickson hatch which would be another nice problem to deal with. The stonefly above came to me when I was tying a pile of scuds and then loaded a nymph hook in the vise instead. I wanted to see a stone with a shell back. When dry it looks a bit too shiny but it looks great when its wet. The Swift bows like it too and large stones are a rare on that river.

Hook - size 12 nymph or wet fly

tail - pheasant tail fibers

body - synthetic dubbing of either olive or yellow

rib - ostrich herl (wrapped heavier by the thorax)

shell - I used plastic material from a sandwich bag

Head - small, olive plastic bead for looks. It has no weight and is not shiny but did has the look of a nymph's head.



Anonymous said...


Got your Millers Guide a few years ago. A great resource!


Chris of Warwick said...

Would you prefer us to have somebody asking for a copy get it from you or can we share?

Have had a couple friends inquire but felt I should ask you first.

I have that stonefly in my box. I love stoneflies. Fun to tie and great to use.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Chris, Here's a copy. Share all that you like!


Anonymous said...

I'm and avid reader of your blog and would love to get a copy of the Millers River Guide.

First I would just like to say thank you for all the effort you put in to provide anglers like me with the information and knowledge you have. I've just recently gotten into fly fishing and your blog has been a great resource for me to learn and grow as a fly fisherman. I'm a full time college student so I don't have a ton of money and and free time right now, but I would definitely be interested in your guide services in the future. Again, thanks so much for all that you do for the fly fishing community here in MA. Best of luck as spring rolls around and the bugs start to hatch.



Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thank you and I'm glad that you enjoy the blog. I've sent the Millers Guide to you which makes a bunch sent out in the last 24 hours!!!


swalter said...

I'd like a copy of the Miller's Guide. Great blog, wish I lived closer (near Hartford), I've fished the Swift a few times and the EB once.

John said...

Could you please send me a copy of the Millers River guide? Thank you!