Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bows, Browns And Bamboo - A Millers Morning

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong" - John Gierach Again

It was 6:50 am when I entered the 53 degree water of the Millers at the Orcutt Section. I decided to rest the great Swift River Sierra 7.5 ft bamboo which I've used on the Swift and went with the longer Phillipston Pacemaker 8 foot bamboo matched with a 4 wt.line because I felt that I would need the added distance and line control. A good choice. The flies - I worked a number of them starting with my two-tone weighted nymph (olive Australian possum with some weight in the body and a brush of brown sharpie over the back) and then soft hackles and one of Polly Rosborough nymphs named the Casual dress. They all worked fine as long as you PRESENT them correctly.

I did the obligatory high stick/straight line for a bit and caught some but realized that SWINGING these nymphs/wet flies releases the magic and that really worked. I fished 4 or so different flies and they all worked which spells PRESENTATION!! The strikes were hard, the little Battenkill did that classic scream, the bamboo was bent and fish came to the net. It was a perfect October morning on my favorite trout river!!

I left Orcutt at 10:15 when I saw the first fly fisher. I was told that three cars pulled up after that. That's when I left after catching about 40 fish and then went down to Wendell Depot where I met Ken Simonds from the DFW as they stocked just below route 2. They were stocking the entire river again.  The majority of the rainbows that were stocked over the last week came out of the hatchery a very dark color which seems to be the case with Fall stocked bows over the past few years.  The bows in Ken Simonds stocking net were dark.

FISH THE MILLERS!!!!! We have another month and a half, maybe longer, to fish this river. Will it be too cold? The average high temperature in April for central Massachusetts is around 55 degrees. In November its around 49 degrees. It will not be too cold. You will have the place to yourself!! For those new to the river and have heard of the Kempfield, Bridge Street, the Upper Trestle Pool and Orcutt but don't know where they are or haven't done well there just contact me. I'll guide you there!!



Robert Bolivar said...

Ken, nice to see you this morning at Orcutt-- I was that other fisherman.

The success continued as I brought over a dozen nice Bows to net, before I walked downstream 100 yards or so and landed double digit Browns on an orange and partridge. As much as I love the Swift, it was really a joy to fish the Miller's again. A perfect day!

fyi. Another couple of nets full from the stocking truck were added just below the bridge.

Falsecast said...

Hi Ken - I did the afternoon beat. I showed up at about 2 and fished until 6ish. I had no idea they stocked today. There was one person under the bridge so I fished between that bridge and below Rte 2 bridge. It was one of those days that I now understand. The riffles were loaded with fish, 25 Browns (all about 9 inches), 2 Rainbows and one smally. All trout on mahogoney bugger, although I am not sure it matter what you used. There were tons of BWO's around, and some rises, so I put one on and caught the smally. Go figure? I now realize the browns were probably fresh and not hitting the dries.

On a different note, I am not a Miller's regular at all and don't really know the river well. I thought "Orcutt" was the name of that brook that dumps in under the bridge at Wendell. I now know "Orcutt" is further upstream. I went for the first time today at 6. No cars (there were 3 there when I arrived at 2pm) and I walked out on the bridge. My question is where is the pool? Upstream or down, assuming up and beneath the riffle? Also, can you walk from Orcutt and end up at the Trestle pool? Is that all dead water in between?

Ken is right, tons of trout, I only saw one other person on the water.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The "Pool" is all the water that you can see downstream. From the end of the pool to the Upper Trestle is tough walking but lots of good water when it's higher.


Good to meet you!


Bill/Tully said...

More stocking? My quiet summer fishing spot is going to be quite busy for a while! Guess It is time for a few less accessible spots. Nice to have such a challenge!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bill, The challenge is there and you will be the winner regardless of the results. That's how it is for you and me and others.


Gary Cranson said...

Well the last trout I caught on the Westfield River was on the EB on July 31st until today. I have not fished the EB MB or the WB since July 31st for the obvious reason, to satisfy my passion for fly fishing I have fished for other species in New England and upstate NY. But my return today was to the main branch of the WR just before the four mile house on route 20,was on the water at sun up but nothing happening till the sun hit the water and turned the river into a target rich environment. Bugs coming out of the water (there was water but low flow) white was the color that worked it was great to be back.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


That Rt 20 section was the only spot that got fish this month on the Westfield system. Were there others fishing it?


Anonymous said...

Just one angler at that spot, and no one under the turnpike bridge which B&G sports stocks also.

The Eye on Harvard said...

I fished above and under the Holtshire bridge Thursday late morning through 1pm with caddis coming off the water and no fish rising. Bright green caddis nymphs were found in the weeds clinging to the rocks so putting on a 14/16 bright green sparkle caddis proved irresistible to the rainbows and fall fish there. Taken on both the swing and high sticking the potholes near the bridge. Nice to get some elbow room and give the Swift a break. Still hoping the brookies will come up above Rt. 9 like last year. That was quite a show!


Bill/Tully said...

Boy, the water level on the Millers is dropping pretty quickly agn. Much lower tonight than just last Monday. Browns below, rainbows above Orcutt.