Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Ware - What A difference A Day Makes

In early May, as the trees begin to leaf out, the first hatches of medium sized mayflies float skyward, led by the Quill Gordon and then, a few days later, the Hendricksons. Thomas Ames Jr. in Hatch Guide For New England Streams

Friday - the weather guys (bunnies) said that the temperatures would make it into the 50's. Try 45 for a high. We did well scoring a triple as far as trout species were concerned. Not a bad day but we expected more. No hatches to speak of.

Saturday - left our first location with my waders covered with Quill Gordon nymphs. After going upstream where we missed some hook ups we went back down to our first place (Church Street) where we ran into an epic hatch of Quill Gordans. My guy went back after we left but I don't have a report from him as of yet BUT the water was covered with freshly hatched dun. We did well before the hatch and after.

Now Sunday - Blue Bird clear skies which I HATE because there were flies on the water BUT nothing was rising. The flies on the water were less than the two previous cloudy days and the trout knew it. They rose to nothing. The few fly fishers that we met did nothing. The place is loaded with trout but they would not cooperate.

The BLAME - not technique, my clients was GOOD when it comes to presentation. A CLEAR blue Bird sky turns things off and that is it.

Note - we did find a few early Henderickons on Sunday. Watch the next few weeks!!

The Ware is prime time water for the early mayfly hatches. You have to see this if you have spent your fly fishing nymphing your brains out.  This is a different game that has been played for a hundred years.
Introduce your self to it.



bigmster127 said...

so im guessing cloudy days seems to be better right now for trout fishing? was on the ware on sunday caught a fall fish. no trout, most people i talked too caught nothing or maybe 1 or 2. i absolutely love the stretch up river from the old airport. nice pools up there. will trout hit good on rainy days? have never tried fishing when its rainy. but thinking of giving it a try on wednesday.

Alex B said...

We did well on the Ware on Saturday, but experienced the same slowness on Sunday. Saw you there both days Ken, was a bit too far to say hi, but I think you spoke with my friend Tom under the bridge on Sunday as you were heading out. Can't wait to see some dry fly action on the Ware!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Alex and Bigster127,

Sunday was weird due to the bright blue day that Sunday was. Most of the insects that we saw were spinners and not duns. The trout that we saw rising were only 10% of what we were seeing the day before. Nobody had a great day from our run ins with other flyfishers. That happens very often. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is supposed is to be cloudy with some showers. That's the day!!!!


Ashutosh Rao said...

Hey Ken,
I was out on Sunday and I had the same experience. Although it was warmer than Saturday, the fish were lethargic. I did see bugs coming off but the strikes were subtle and I missed way more fish than I'd care to admit though I still landed a couple. Friday was much better by comparison.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


It seems to be the universal experience on Sunday


Anonymous said...

Bird in the freezer, guess its time to take the Winston for a spin! Are you aware of any fly patterns using Wild Turkey feathers that will work around here?

Hibernation said...

Bigmster127 - others may have different experiences, but overall, I'd rather fish cloudy and rainy (even dumping rain) day's over sun any time. The lower light of cloudy days really seems to increase fishes (of all types) willingness to feed freely... Today, tomorrow... so long as water levels are good - they are excellent fishing days.

There are some bug's that prefer to hatch when dry, but overall, again, the fishing on cloudy days (or around dusk and dawn when low light helps again) tends to be ideal.

Bill/Tully said...

The Millers at Rezendes was at a nice level yesterday afternoon. Only person there other than two pesky hawks circling overhead. Beautiful spot. Only two chubs to net. Hmmm, those hawks........

tincup said...

don't think I signed tincup on feather coment

bigmster127 said...

was at the millers yesterday caught 3 rainbows around 12 inches. probably could of done better rain started coming down hard in afternoon turkey hunted in morning. hope to be back tomorrow or friday afternoon before weekend traffic. arch street is a mess with powerline company out there road is getting pretty soft with trucks in and out. i would avoid it during week. hopefully they dont work on weekends or they finish up job quick.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I though it was you!! Good going on the gobbler!!!!


Falsecast said...

Hi Ken - Actually had the intention of fishing the Ware, but I never have and bailed to the Swift. Do you fish upstream from the Church st bridge above the dam or below the dam?

I just did one run above Rte 9 and it was a bit slow (and crowded). I did catch a small rainbow that was pristine in color and about 5 inches ong. Not marks on it. I have caught these small rainbows by the pipe before and always assumed they were escapees from the hatchery. This was above Rte 9 and I also noticed in the area some dug out patches that might have been redds with suckers sitting right in them and usually a rainbow a few feet above it. Could it be that some rainbows are spawning? Probably not?? Have you had this happen far away from the hatchery?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I fish many spots on the Ware. All are good and once the water comes down it will be better.

Last year I heard of 5 inch bows up by the Y. They always seem to be 5 inches long which leads me to believe it was an accidental stocking. Find a 3 inch fish and the game changes!!!!!


Parachute Adams said...

What a beautiful time of year with mayflies hatching and trout rising to them. My wife walking our dog today found a morel mushroom. I figure there are more there. What a treat those are fried up in butter.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I wish I knew my mushrooms......