Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, July 24, 2017

Overlooked Waters And An Emerger

"Some day some one will learn how to reduce gold to flow like ink, and dipping his pen in this glowing liquid he will exhaust the English language in an effort to justly describe the beauty of the glorious upper Deleware, for of a truth to do it justice would bankrupt our mother language" - Kit Clarke about the Deleware River

When I introduce new anglers to the Swift I usually meet them in the PIPE parking lot and then tell them that 95 out 100 anglers beat a path to the Pipe and the Tree Pool and leave the rest of the river alone. We will not do that but will fish upstream and down at areas seldom fished and we catch fish.

But Sunday was different because at our 8am start time there was only ONE other car in the lot. So I told my two clients we were going to the famous place first and then fish the "other" sections last.

When we entered the water there was only one other angler and he was at the top of the Tree Pool but didn't seem to be doing much. We fished above him just below the Pipe and took fish and then went below him. After a while he left and we took fish in that spot and lost a real rod bending bow. We left that section, surrendering it to another lone angler.

Why are there fewer fly fishers? The reason is simple: there are fewer fish, nothing like the "tripping over trout" conditions of the last few years. If they're not swimming between your boots many will just go somewhere else like the Y Pool. Maybe they should try some other places like we did!

We went down to Cady Lane where one client repeated what another client said the week before: "I would of walked right past this place"! They ended up sight fishing for brookies, bows and browns and had the place to themselves. Then we moved up to the top of the Gauge Run where I planted one client in a set of riffles that were not more than 3 inches deep. He had that "are you kidding me" look until a good size brown grabbed his partridge and orange and then threw the hook.

Our BEST fishing that morning was on the "stream less traveled". Try it!!!!!

The above fly is taking things over on the Swift for me. Olive or brown thread for the body, CDC cut to an immature wing shape and, most importantly, a very buggy (possum or rabbit) dark fur for the thorax which is the key to floating this thing as much as the CDC is. I tie this in sizes 18 down to 24 on emerger hooks.

It rained today (Monday 7/24) and we needed it. Also the 60 degree temps were perfect for pulling the heat out of our rivers.



Parachute Adams said...

Ken, I really have to start fishing the shallow riffles some. I pass by them every time as I walk to areas that I've caught fish before. Thanks for the reminder on that.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Almost 30 years ago I helped electroshock a section of the Millers with the DFW during a dry, low water September. Our sample area was right under the Rt 2 bridge and mostly 2-3 inches deep. IT WAS LOADED WITH BROWNS!!!



Anonymous said...

Nice pattern. Thanks for sharing.

David h said...

Went to Willard Brook Friday. Water was low and really needed the cold rain. Got 4 nice size brookies and scared way more. Always a great change of pace surprised iv only seen spin guys here after the stocking trucks come in the spring

Dalton Jones said...

Hey ken I'm always in the section of the swift above the pipe I just recently started exploring down pass the pipe this year and have been having plenty of success in surprised I haven't seen you out before on those stretches.... I may feel a sick day coming this week and will explore more good tie by the way!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

David H,

Willard is a little gem with the only drawback is that it has Rt 119 running along one side. It's still a great place.


I've been down there by myself and with clients 3 times in the last week and many times before that. Guiding on 5 rivers spreads me out. Advice - take a sick day!! We will not tell!!


Kevin K said...

Hi Ken,
Totally agree - I spend the least time at the pipe & tree. When I've gone to cady I have a hard time figuring out what to do about the weeds - target the troughs between them? Ignore them & just fish over them? Stick to the banks? Curious how to handle that - noplace else I fish has greens like that.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Kevin K,

I have the best luck for larger trout fishing the banks down in Cady Lane. The sandy troughs are second and those dark green weeds are last. Don't step on those weeds - they will suck your boots off!!!!


Falsecast said...

I am actually heading out to the Swift today. I hadn't been to the pipe in over long time and noticed it is changing a lot based on the old jam below the tree pool opening up and the other big tree swinging around. I expect it will plane out and fill in a bit. Should always be good, though.

I plan to use nothing but terrestrials and see what happens.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Let us know how you do.