Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 1st - A Classic Night on the East Branch

Yes, it's September. Cooler days with water temps to match. We all look forward to this season with it's day long flyfishing opportunities but we know that we are entering the home stretch as far as the season goes. It's bittersweet for sure, especially after this flood ravaged summer which cut down our opportunities to work the longrod. The East Branch of the Westfield saved the Summer for me and last night was the best night for sure.
The first pool down the road was occupied and a father/son team was gearing up to flyfish the water by the first turnaround. I didn't want to hit the Bliss Pool but it was empty and I had only two hours to fish so I waded in. It was sometime in July that I last fished a sunken fly here. It's been a dry fly heaven for weeks so why change now. On went a #14 olive parachute and I then took my position and began a classic UPSTREAM approach hitting every glide and seam the current had to offer. There were no rises to hatching insects during that first hour but it didn't stop the 'bows and browns from doing their thing. During the last half hour I began to see an occasional rise at the tail of the pool. It was here that a very good fish snapped me off and took the fly that landed 7 'bows and 2 browns for me. It was a good night!!
I'm hoping to spend this Friday night on the Millers if the water will drop into the 500cfs range. Hopefully......
Three months ago we were chasing trout on an early Summer evening. Three months from now we may be shoveling snow!! The Fall is a golden time to flyfish especially on the Millers. Don't miss it!


soju_81 said...

Great report. I have to get back to the Westfield before school consumes me. I love that river, I only wish I didn't have to drive in from Boston every time I need a trout fix, although the fall run of stripers and company should keep me happy for a bit. Still, there is something distinctly special about a trout that you don't get from catching any other fish on the fly.

I was on the Swift today and noticed the changes albeit barely noticeable. The brookies I caught were showing a little color. The browns and rainbows seemed well fed and healthy and showing a little color too. Sitting on a rock to take in the scene really solidified the coming of fall, that and feeling chilled in the late afternoon glow. I hate wearing waders and I can sense that soon I will have to dawn the gore tex khakis again... You can almost feel it in the air, and water. BTW I wasn't fishing the crowded parts of the Swift today. A little exploration per your suggestion was just the ticket as the fish snubbed both my father and I in our attempt to trick them in the usual spots! Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog, it def gets me through the days when I can't be out there.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a great Fall on the Millers. I've been fishing it as steadily as possible given the high water and noticed a great many Rainbows still in the water thanks to the rainy Summer.

Anybody notice the crazy flow levels reported on the Millers USGS? I'm sure they're wrong but over 3,000! What's up with that?



Cluster said...
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Cluster said...

Fished the westfield today for an hour. Didnt catch anything, but met a guy who said he slammed them on a good flying ant hatch. This was at the Beaver pool/Hemlock pool. I discovered these names refer to the same pool. Looked like some really nice water, but it is a little walk.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


You noticed the difference of a seasonal change. I like that view that you gave. There's something more here than just catching fish.


That gauge is screwed up!!! 3700cfs???? More like 700. Rainbows - I can name the years where they survived the summer on the Millers. The high water has surely helped.


It's a bit of a walk for sure. Last June I met a guy who used a mountain bike to fish the whole Gorge section down to Indian Hollow and beyond. I have a mountain bike and I am really tempted!!!


Cluster said...

i wish i had a mountain bike... i'd be all over that if i were you!!

Bob O said...

I visited the Swift for a couple of hours this evening. There were four cars in my usual parking area and a couple of others on the access. So instead of heading down to my regular digs, I went up the other way.

Adrian, you're right, the brookies are beginning to look brighter. I took two small beautifully colored ones. Also landed a nice rainbow in a side pocket I'd never before fished. In addition to my fly, I removed a small (#14?)treble hook embedded in the roof of its mouth. It was probably 15 or 16" but slimmer than others I've taken below the pipe. No pellets to fatten it up.

I was drifting a pink SJW about 40" below a 12" long sighter of 20# amnesia. Above the sighter was the balance of my leader (maybe 9 feet total length). I've been short casting up into the seams of the faster water and kind of high sticking back toward me instead of using a bobber/indicator. Seems fairly effective. It was a fun two hours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful night at Bearsden
Perfect water
Two brown come home


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken - did you get to the Millers?