Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Swift Saves The Weekend

Which weekend is he talking about, Memorial Day Weekend or this one coming up? Actually you can take your pick. The Millers was blown out on the long weekend and will will be the same this Saturday/Sunday. Expect it to be UP well into next week rain or no rain.

The EB got tame by Memorial Day but now is running very high due to last nights (Wednesday) rain. If the rains hold off that water will drop like a rock. It should be fishable (500-700 cfs range) by later Saturday (if the rains hold off).

We fished the Swift last Saturday in the driving rain and under Memorial Days bluebird skies and we had fun landing and losing trout. The usual places had the usual number of anglers on both days. It alsp appears that the trout have found their way back to the "Bubbler Arm", a place that they seem to have avoided over the last few months!

Hot Spots were the fly of choice on this river.

For those of you who are dying to hit the Millers (me included) but will stay away because of the flow I have included two Bears Den section photos of clients taken two weeks ago when the flow was perfect and the browns were willing.

Go Fishing!!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Outlook - Millers, EB And The Swift

As I write this (Friday, May 24 at 6:30 pm) the Millers is racing along at 1560 cfs. The EB is RUNNING at 1270 cfs and the Swift is where it's been for months - the low 50 cfs range. Guess where most of the action will be!

The above comment is conventional wisdom. Freestones bear the brunt of heavy rains, tailwaters much less so. But one will have to keep an eye on the EB. This river rises like a rocket and drops like a rock as the rains stop. It peaked around midnight nudging 2000 cfs and then dropped 700 to where it is now. It will continue to drop if the rains hold off. Don't rule out 500 cfs by Sunday. 500 is very fishable on that river.

The Millers is in for a high water long haul. It will take the better part of a week to get this river down to the 500 range that I like to start at. If the rains continue it will stay high. In 2009 it hit 1500 around June 6 and didn't sink below 1000 for more than a month.

The Swift, in many minds, will be the only game in town but that's selling your chances of fly fishing this weekend short. If you don't want the crowds then hit the lower Swift in Bondsville. It's usually empty and is a different river than the Rt 9 area. Also, here's a chance to fish those smaller streams that you've always said you would fish. They will be the first to recede and you will be away from the crowd.

I'll be keeping an eye on the EB!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Update - The Swift And The EB

The rain came down hard Wednesday afternoon and I began to think that flotilla of Hendricksons would be hammered into submission by that downpour. Not a chance!! The section below the pipe was full of them and the trout were after them. I had to fish a suitable nymph (all of the appropriate flies were back in the car) and lost 3 before one came to the net. Then I lost that fly. My time to fish had also run out but I knew that if I had come prepared it would have been unforgettable. Those days will come again.

The EB - I hadn't been back to this old friend since late summer. I knew that this section would get its Trout Unlimited Fest stocking but I didn't know exactly when. A few casts into the Bliss Pool resulted in a bow. That's when I saw the rise. Not a feeding rise but a "gulping" rise, a sure sign of a recently stocked fish. I caught 3 more when I saw the stocking truck heading back up the road.

The thrill was gone. I discovered a pod of trout and took another 7 while testing new fly creations. Everything worked!! The usual large bows were there plus many large (12 - 14 inch) brookies. Looking down into the net one would feel like they were in Labrador but this is Massachusetts and we don't have brookies like that. Those fish will be gone by July.

I fished for an hour and a half before I began to get sloppy like one does when one gets bored. I began to think of two weeks from now when the bows will take a clue from the browns and wise up. I was also thinking of the Swift and its hendricksons!

The EB is full of fish. There you go!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Millers Update

The Millers is ready to fish. Water levels are great, the days have been perfect and the browns were scheduled to hit the Bears Den this week with the lower C&R getting its share next week. As you know by now I'm no fan of rainbows in the Millers and although I support the brown stocking I would rather like the browns to be stocked along with the bows throughout the stocking season instead of the "all at once" scenario.

Better then that, I'd like to see browns stocked ALL OVER THE RIVER, like other rivers, instead of just in the C&R sections. We know the old story about how browns, because they survive so well in the Millers, will accumulate toxins. Therefore they must be stocked in the C&R sections. WHY NOT MAKE BROWNS A CATCH AND RELEASE SPECIES and stock them everywhere on the Millers? One excuse I heard against this is that people will not know the difference between a brown and a bow (yes, I've heard that).

The Millers is a brown trout river, period! The VAST majority of it's anglers are flyfishers, period! Our anglers survey two seasons ago proved that. The browns draw the flyfishers, period, but miles of river have very few browns. The DFW should stock what we want, period!!!!

Have fun this week!